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What’s in a name?

June 23, 2010

It’s so crazy that I’ve been married for a month and one day already.  Seriously, where does time go?

I love being married!  If I really think about it, things are not much different then before.  We already lived together and we go about our days pretty much the same.  But there is something in the air…something comforting, something so right that just brings peace to my day.  I was never comfortable with the word boyfriend (and when I was younger even the idea of boyfriend had me out the other door!) , I never said fiance, but I love that “husband” seems so natural with Jon.  I guess that’s a good thing :P!

I officially in the eyes of the law became Mrs. P. yesterday.  It’s a bit of a relief I must admit.  I kind of felt as though I’d been living in limbo the last few weeks.  Mrs. P. on the surface but it wasn’t really getting me anywhere signature wise.  I didn’t know what name to say, what to sign, when to change my emails, etc. since I wasn’t “legal” yet.  Getting my license yesterday was interesting because I wasn’t sure what to sign where and I finally looked at the lady and said “AH – who am I?!”  Now that I’m officially Mrs. P. I can work to start becoming ONE person again!  PHEW…

Millions of people have changed their names when they’ve gotten married, so it must be something you get used to!  I’m finding so far that leaving messages or talking on the phone is the toughest.  “Hi, this is Stacy M…..” is SO ingrained in my head, I’m not sure how it will get out!  I have post it notes on BOTH my computer screens and my phone to remind me!!

We’ll see how long this takes!


Random Thought for a Monday

June 21, 2010

Yesterday, for some reason, it kept jumping out at me how Jon and I communicate with our greyhound Cole.  I have no idea why 6+ years later this stood out to me, but it occurred to me that we pretty much make everything a question when we speak to him!

Top Questions for Cole:

  • Do you want to go out?!  (Sometimes also posed as: “Who wants to go out?!)
  • Do you want to go for a walk?
  • Are you hungry?
  • Do you want your breakfast?
  • Do you want a treat?!
  • Do you want to go for a ride?!
  • Is it time for your dinner?
  • Where’s your squirrel?!

We were laughing because we thought of how it would sound if we just spoke to him any other way, I wound up shouting proper sentences at Jon to show examples (why I felt compelled to yell them, beats the heck out of me!).

The best is he’s totally on board with our questions – depending what it is he totally gets them and reacts just as if he were answering back.  I think the best part is that side head tilt they do when you ask them the questions!

Alright, back to work.  I have a case of the Mondays!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

June 14, 2010

Also happened to be mine… Approximately 3 weeks and 1 day I married the most amazing, patient, fun, understanding and loving man. 

Photo Courtesy of Maria Vicencio Photography

My relationship with Jon made me realize that things in life are going to happen whether you realize it or not – and they will happen in their own way and at their own time.  Our relationship has also made me a firm believer in fate.  We met several times, and each time I laid eyes on him I was intrigued.  When he was around, life was awesome!  Butterflies always then, always now.  Our paths crossed several times before we ended up together, but I thank my lucky stars that we are now married!  I am one lucky lady.  

 Below are a few pictures from Maria Vicencio Photography (the most amazing and talented photographers, Maria & Drew!) 

 Our first glance on top of Federal Hill:

Photo Courtesy of Maria Vicencio Photography


 A gorgeous view:  

Photo Courtesy of Maria Vicencio Photography


 Our awesome bridal party, we couldn’t have been surrounded by more love:  

Photo Courtesy of Maria Vicencio Photography


 I love this picture:  

Photo Courtesy of Maria Vicencio Photography

I can’t wait for the rest of the pictures to be done – I am really looking forward to further piecing together the night!  People really don’t joke when they say the night goes by in such a blur…  

Married life is amazing! 

How I feel today…

May 13, 2010

That’s all.

Deep Down

April 12, 2010

Deep down in you there is a place that exists.
There is no name, there is no rhyme or reason.  It just exists.

There is no way to reach it except for when you least expect it.

It’s the place  you find yourself in when you don’t think you can take another step,
when you are so tired you find the real meaning of “bone-tired,” and
when you get so stressed you don’t know where to even begin.

It’s the place that allows you to make that next step, that helps ignore the physical and mental pain of all the stress.  It is the place that keeps your head up when people around you don’t seem to believe in you.

It is the place that keeps you safe and allows you to believe in yourself. 
It gives you strength.
It gives you meaning.
It makes you know you will come out the otherside of it.


With deadlines breathing down my neck
and very few believing it will be done.
With a wedding 40 days away
I love my “Place.”  It’s tough, but my deep down place has gotten me through so much already.

On the other side is greatness…happiness- A completed website, a national campaign,
and most importantly a husband.

Thank goodness for having deep downs!

Grumpy Pants

March 22, 2010

I try so so hard to not be a complainer.  I try to avoid “sweating the small stuff” and always see the best of a bad situation.  This morning got the best of me however, and I paid a price.

I was greeted this weekend with a double ear infection in BOTH ears!  Double ear infection means the inner and middle ear are infected, so in my case both my ears are double infected.  I don’t even really have a cold, it all just went into my ears.  Oh the pain…

Sunday morning was the worst, I seriously thought my ears might start bleeding at any second.  I finally sucked it up and went to urgent care at 9pm last night.  Thank goodness I did – the doctor took one look in my really bad ear and said “GOOD GOD!” and then smiled and said “did I say that out loud” – I wasn’t really in the mood for smiles, I wanted to punch her.  But I wasn’t about to harm the only person that could give me medicine!

Oscar the GrouchI woke up this morning grumpier than Oscar the Grouch on a good day.  First off, I was late – real late- so late that no train would get me down to DC for a 10:00 meeting I had.  I was faced with driving.  Second – have you ever thought about driving to DC during rush hour? in the rain no less!  That itself is a set up for the grumpies.  Third, my ears were THROBBING and so painful.

Anything Jon said was WRONG.  Anything Jon tried to do was WRONG.  WRONG WRONG WRONG.  In my head I knew he was just trying to help.  He walked the dog in the rain, he moved his car so I could leave, he gave me lots of kisses (or attempted to).  But all I could focus on was the pain and knowing I was about to be in the car for at least two hours with just me, myself and the pain did not help.

As I huffed out the door, into my car and drove my dreaded drive, I started to relax a little.  Sometimes I really do like driving, traffic or not.  Suddenly it occurred to me that today was the two month mark until our wedding.  Then, even more suddenly, it occurred to me that it was March 22CRAP.  Today is Jon’s birthday.

I am a horrible fiance.  horrible!  If Jon had done that on my birthday I would have been crushed.

I quickly dialed his cell, knowing full well that he was going to dread seeing my name come up.  He picked up and I apologized as fast as I could.  I apologized and said that I was so thankful that he was born on this day.  Born at all for that matter.  And you know, he was so happy I called.  So happy it wasn’t a bad phone call.  So happy I had remembered, and took a second to tell him.

Another reminder about having the grumpies.  It is totally OK to have them, everybody does, but you just have to be very careful where and who you aim your grumpies at.

I am so lucky that I am with someone who has the most forgiving heart and mind.  Always.

Let an earthworm be your garbage man

March 19, 2010

I do my best to  recycle all my recyclables.  I take the train to work, saving on gas and emissions, but I’ve never really given much thought to going above and beyond to save our planet.  Until now.  It’s more because of curiosity than anything, but the people that lived in the house before us had built a compost bin in the back.  It’s really nice actually, made of stone and surrounded by wire.  It seems to be the real deal.

Planet Earth

I was at my aunt’s the other day and she has a compost pile in the back of her yard and she had gotten a book about composting.  I picked up the book and started browsing through and was asking her questions about it.  She said that since she started really composting, that between the composting and recycling she has cut her trash in HALF!  I think that’s unbelievable!  It got my wheels turning and I started looking into it some more.

Well, we already have the bin built in the backyard (including a pitchfork stabbed in the dirt!) and I think the soil that is in there now is actually pretty awesome.  Which will be great to use for the gardens we plan to build this year.  I just have to learn some things about carbon and nitrogen balances and I’m all set!  I’m also going to try and see if anyone in my neighborhood composts (we have a really great neighborhood!) and wouldn’t mind coming to check out the current status of ours.

Take a look at all the things you can compost!  Paper towels?  Yes sir!  Fruits/vegetables – You bet!  Egg shells?  Of course! Cardboard – get out!

I’ll let you know how it goes this weekend!  I may be biting off more than I can chew, but hey it’s worth a shot right?